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Ortho-Bionomy is a highly effective system of bodywork based in a simple and profound philosophy: allow the body to correct itself.

Gary Lee Williams, Instructor

Gary Lee Williams class listings:

Contact: Rosa Rodriguez of Ortho-Bionomy of NYC at rosa.m.rodriguez@icloud.com or call 212.627-9440 

We have an Orange Park date for Gary in 2019 … Gary wrote: “To avoid the 2019 SOBI Conference in April/May, Mothers Day and Memorial Day Weekends, both in May, the best weekend for me to be with you next year appears to be Friday, May 31st, thru Sunday, June 2nd.  I will be prepared to teach a Friday afternoon Study Group on "Tail Wags the Dog" and a 2-Day Class on "Vertical Spine 3.0". “

His classes require a Phase 4 class…so hope this gives you time to plan and prepare:)



We're excited about our upcoming Ortho-Bionomy® classes in New York City! For info, contact Rosa Rodriguez at rosa.m.rodriguez@icloud.com or look at the SOBI site listings for details.

Free Lecture Demo with Gary Williams on Jan. 22nd.
Phase 4, Fundamentals of the Spine with Rosa Rodriguez & Gary Williams on Feb. 9 & 10.
Study Group: Open Forum with Rosa & Gary on Feb. 11th.
Phase 4, Fundamentals of the Extremities with Rosa & Gary on March 2 & 3rd.
Study Group: Working with the Hand with Rosa & Gary on March 11th.
Visceral: Below the Dome with Mike Miller on April 6 & 7
Working with Langer Lines with Gary Williams on July 13 & 14th.


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